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Gadgets that Can Help Make Traveling Easier

By A'Dia G

Traveling, in its entirety, to your destination can be stressful. When traveling internationally, long flights and layovers are rarely enjoyable. Once at your destination, it can also be difficult finding comfort in a new environment. Thanks to ongoing technological advances, products are being made every day to help make our lives easier. There are many devices and tools that can ease the hassle that comes with traveling. Below are some devices that you may be helpful during your travel.


#1: The Pillow

If you are new to travel, then you may be unaware of how it tiresome it can be to find that perfect angle for sleeping on the plane. There are only so many positions to find comfort- sitting straight up, laying against the window or even the old school favorite head on desk. But even sleeping without an aid can be difficult on these hard surfaces. You may want to consider grabbing a travel pillow. There are so many designs and sizes to pick from to help best suit your needs! Rest is essential before starting your adventure!


#2: The Weight

I’ll admit it. Attempting to remember the baggage allowances of multiple airline companies is annoying. When traveling outside of the US, to add to the stress, you have to worry about the two separate measurement systems. Unless you know the conversion by hard, who wants to convert their baggage weight from pounds to kilograms. This brings me to the crucial point. Seriously, who wants to pay extra to check in their luggage? I’ll wait. If you are a heavy packer, with multiple bags, the cost can add up quickly. You need a luggage weight. This will aid in keeping track of the weight of your bag and you will know how many souvenirs you can bring back from your trip!


#3: The Adapter

Who has ever felt the horror of a low phone battery? Have you tried taking a photo on your tablet, just to notice that it is dead? I know I feel a sense of dread when my phone battery is lower than 30%. Don’t let this happen to you! When traveling internationally it is important to understand that not all electrical outlets fit all. Different countries have different outlets designs. A travel adapter is crucial to keep your small portable devices charged and ready to go!


#4: The Fan

This one is for my friends whose body temperature rises quickly! I know that it can be uncomfortable for you while traveling and a hotter climate makes the heat worse. One of the best techy devices on the market is a portable fan. With so many designs and colors to choose from, pick based on design features and whatever else that will help make your life easier! If you want the purple fan, get that purple fan. It will help keep that smile on your face longer while you travel.


#5: The Selfie Remote

Who doesn’t love a great picture? It helps capture life at the most precious and hilarious moments. I’ve learned with taking great photos that it is all about angles! However, getting your good side can be challenging. This is true especially when you do not have anyone to take your photo. So, you get a tripod and use the timer future on your phone to get those nice full body pictures. But then you cringe, trying not to look crazy running back and forth to the tripod when the timer goes out prematurely. I won’t even mention when you have to start all over if you don’t like the angle. A cool device that can help with eliminating that painful process is the selfie remote. The small Bluetooth capable device will give full control of when your camera captures the picture. Now let’s capture those moments!


#6: The Water Bottle

It is important that when we travel to hydrate our bodies with water. Now from my experiences, I can say it is important to note as a US citizen to not drink the tap water in other countries. Our bodies are not equipped or used to drinking the water in those countries. That includes even the nations that we share borders with! Also, please include ice with that statement as well. We tend to forget that ice melts in soft drinks. Repeat after me, NO ICE PLEASE! Now you might be thinking well how do we stay hydrated. Most hotels, resorts, and hosted homes, will provide you with ample amount of bottle water daily. In most countries the water is free of charge. You can maximize the amount of water you are able to take with you by using a collapsible water bottle. These come in handy because they are light and easy to store. They also help when on-the-go. Just grab a bottle of water, fill up and keep it moving! Wait, grab another bottle before you go!


#7: The Stand

For my friends with little ones that are blessed to be traveling with you, this next device may help with keeping them still. A phone and tablet stand can be helpful when waiting in the airport during those long layovers or on the airplane as well. The stand will help keep the kids entertained and the best part no one will complain about holding the device. Now for my new to international travel crew, for the most part, many airlines have tones of entertainment included on their flights. Depending on your needs, this may or may not be the best device to purchase. However, if the little one wants to watch their favorite movie until they fall asleep, grab the headphones and give this a go!


These are just a few of the many cool products out on the market that can help ease the stress of traveling. Once you figure out a problem, do a quick search and I am sure you will be able to find many useful tools for travel!

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