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It’s Okay to Unplug

Making Yourself A Priority

By A’Dia G

Sometimes you have to get away from everything and unplug. Whether it’s the hectic career, busy family drama or the non-stop, jampacked social life, we all must take time for ourselves to pause. It’s important to have moments where we can relax and reset. It helps release stress and allows us to live in the moment. I live by the “work hard, play hard” motto. As a young traveler, I knew growing up that if I tried my hardest in school that I was going on a well-deserved and definitely needed vacation. Years have passed and I still believe in that mantra. If I bust my ass with my personal and professional goals, I reward myself with time-off. From a lazy day in to full blown vacay mode, I make sure to slide in some down-time.

My recent getaway to Aruba was just what I needed to reflect and recharge. The island is only twenty miles long. Although small, Aruba truly amazes me. From its beautiful turquoise waters to the very friendly locals, the destination exemplified paradise. The atmosphere was perfect for my needed getaway. For five days I lived in the moment and unplugged.

I took in the sights and sounds of the beaches, pools and basically everything pertaining to water. I just love the water. To me the most calming and enjoyable sounds are the waves in the ocean. With my phone on do-not-disturb and Professional Troublemaker: The Fear Fighting Manual by Luvvie Ajayi Jones in hand, I reclined and enjoyed nature’s soundtrack. Surrounded by things that I love, I meditated and self-reflected. I did some self-reflection about my life and created new affirmations and goals. I checked in mentally with self and made me a priority. As I gazed at the water, making peace with any leftover baggage and left covered with a sense of rejuvenation I thought to myself, “I wonder if they are still allowing workcations on the island!”

If you don’t make time for you, then who will! After long nights of studying, running a business/ working, or raising a family, you deserve a break! Immerse yourself in a calming environment with things you love to-do. Take time out for yourself. Put your phone on do-not-disturb and have your me time. Make yourself a priority when you need to. It’s okay to unplug!

Although I spent my time mostly on the beach, here are a few must-sees and must-dos in Aruba:

1. The Butterfly Farm in Noord

2. The Pancake House in Oranjestad

3. West Deck in Oranjestad

4. Street Art Tour in San Nicolas

5. O’Niel Caribbean Kitchen in San Nicolas

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