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Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Products that Can Help Protect Against Theft

By A’Dia G

It happens suddenly! At least that’s what it feels like to the victim. You were just looking in your wallet for some money and you go to put it back in your pocket and then…. it’s gone. As quick as magic, you have been robbed. Now let’s be completely honest with ourselves! Theft happens when we least expect it. We get so focused on one thing, that we seem to forget our surroundings. Was someone watching you, waiting for the perfect moment? This experience can be overwhelming especially in a crowded city. Theft is problematic and we should take proactive approaches to best protect our valuables. Below are some products that can help with protecting and maintaining your valuables while traveling.


Let’s talk about the basics! TSA luggage locks are ESSENTIAL for every trip. Whether I am traveling to my destination by air or train, I use my luggage locks for all of my trips. I own a bunch of these locks! The locks come in different colors and you can choose between the three- or four-digit combination designs. If you don’t purchase anything else for your travels, the TSA luggage locks are a must!


I was first introduced to the money belt while I was in high school. It was recommended to my peers and I for our international study tour in Europe. Theft doesn’t only happens in Europe, however at the time we were visiting some highly populated cities. So, I purchased this product and to be honest it was helpful. Now I prefer to wear my money belt underneath my clothing around my stomach so that it does not stand out. It is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to use. The only disadvantage is that if you have all your currency in the money belt than you have to literally dig for your money. My recommendation is to use this product during your flights and while transferring to other areas during your trip. Otherwise, you will be looking quite scandalous underdressing to find your money.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) theft or wireless identity theft occurs when your personal information is captured using wireless mechanics.[1] Now that most travel identification and payment cards have contactless technologies, this can increase wireless theft. RFID card holders and other RFID theft-protecting technology can help protect your information. I personally use a mini RFID theft-protecting travel wallet for trips. This is easier than trying to locate the correct card in their individual card holder.


#4: Anti-Theft Bags

I find it easy when I am traveling to keep all of my noncritical items in a backpack. Souvenirs, itineraries and snacks are normally found in mine. Although these items are not as important as my passport or credit card, I do not want someone to take my things- especially my snacks! Hello, foodie here! I love my snacks! These bags can come in handy when you are out all day on tours. There are many anti-theft purses and crossbodies available for purchase depending on your preference.


If you love the classic neck pouch then product is for you. This all-in-one neck pouch allows you to place all of your important documentation together while it is secure around your neck. Similar to the money belt, the neck pouch can be worn inside your clothing. Now, have I used a neck pouch before? Yes, I have! However, I personally do not prefer the neck pouch. I do notice on my travels that more people are storing their passports and other items in neck pouches instead of the money belt. Again, your preference is your preference, but I will continue to use the money belt.


There you have it! Just a few products to use that can help you protect and keep track of your valuables! Although most of the products on the above list are geared towards international travel, you can use any of these products wherever you go. Especially the luggage lock! Safe travels!

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